The Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Surgery…Should I Do It?


Weight Loss Surgery

When it comes to weight loss surgery, it can seem like a quick and easy way to achieve the look you have been wanting for years. Unfortunately, what it usually also means is that the type of person that would consider using surgery for weight loss is also the type of person that isn’t willing to learn the processes involved to maintain their desired look and keep the weight off.

In most cases weight loss surgery achieves little more than instant gratification.  And, sadly, statistics show over 60% gain the weight back they paid a bunch of money to have removed. Sure, you might get a small ego-boost for a while after the weight loss surgery, but without the fundamental knowledge of proper diet and exercise, your chances of maintaining that feeling are very small.

But in all fairness, there are a few (albeit minor) positives that can come from having surgery done to shed a few pounds. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of having this type of procedure done.

As you read, keep in mind we’re assuming the surgery was done for vanity purposes – simply to look better. There are some medical conditions that can make it extremely difficult for someone to lose weight. And in those cases, surgery may be the best option. However, this decision will be made through specific guidance from your doctor, and is beyond the scope of this article.


What are the Pros of Weight Loss Surgery?


As alluded to above, deciding to have weight loss surgery done could possibly allow you to quickly get the look that you have been craving. Or at least close to it. And of course, these quick results will most likely provide a nice boost in self-image and confidence. With this newfound level of confidence, it might be easier for you to actually join a gym or workout class and educate yourself on how to maintain your new figure. Is this chain of events likely? No. But is it possible? Absolutely.


What Are the Cons of Weight Loss Surgery?


Let’s take the same person from above, that had weight loss surgery done.  That person got their quick fix solution they were looking for, and at the moment sees what they wanted to in the mirror. Now, if that person decides not to put the effort into living a healthy lifestyle, complete with proper diet and exercise, they will most likely end up looking just how they did before the surgery, if not worse.

Instead of having an increased self-esteem, this person will experience a dramatic fall in self-image and increase the likelihood of sinking into the realm of more serious issues such as depression. So what could someone do with self-esteem issues due to body-image but without the drive to pursue fitness? Get another surgery of course. But this just starts the up and down cycle over, leading to surgery after surgery, and never to the person actually attaining their goals.

The above example may be a bit dramatic. But think about this, the time that it takes to recover from any surgery is significant, and hospital bills are generally not cheap. And with weight loss surgery, just like any surgery, there can be complications. And with complications come larger hospital bills and more recovery time.


Why Should I Do It Naturally?


This could be an entire article in itself, but we’ll just mention a few answers to this question.

First, it may take some time to see results, but in the end you will have something YOU not only created and are proud of and can help others achieve, but that you can sustain. By taking the time and putting in the effort to learn and practice the fundamentals of (proper) weight loss, nutrition, and exercise, you will be able to have the body of your dreams for as long as you want. And you’ll feel great doing it!

It may not feel great when you first get started. Actually, most likely it will hurt a little. But in the grand scheme of things you’re reprogramming your life and the way that you look at food and lifestyle choices. This is a very powerful skill to possess and will most certainly lead to profound results if applied consistently over time.

When you use weight loss surgery, all you’ve accomplished is a temporary fix that is not able to be maintained, and could lead to very low self-esteem. There is no quick fix, or easy way to get lasting results. That being said, here’s the closest thing to an easy button you’re going to find:

Stick around this site for a while, read all the articles, learn exercises through the videos, use the calculators to easily figure out a diet plan to achieve your goals, get recipes that fit that diet plan, and share information with others on the site – all for free!

That’s as easy as it gets.

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